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The Thermojet Infrared Sauna Body Wrap

Our Infrared Sauna Body is a healthy, non-invasive  therapeutic treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, chronic pain like fibromyalgia, and aids in weight loss by melting away inches and pounds and it has been used by European spas for over 10 years.

How it works...

Clients are fully clothed and wrapped in six wide, flexible, silicone pads that target specific areas of the body as it heats up the core.

The heat comes from infrared rays that relieve pain, increases circulation and other benefits that help you look and feel your best.  You could burn  
calories while you are resting in your body wrap!


$129 per session
complimentary foot massage treatment when paid at full price.

 Warming towels are gently wrapped around your feet to commence with the relaxation, a massage with rich, moisturizing foot butter ensues, focusing on reflexology and tension points, then warming booties are added to deepening the experience.

Thermojet Spa Package

 50 minute Thermojet Infrared Body Wrap
1 Hour Sports Massage
Hydrating Hand Treatmen


Benefits of Infrared Therapy

    Weight loss,  Reduce cellulite,

    Reduce stretch marks,  Pain Relief

     Increases your fat burning metabolism

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24 Hour cancellation notice required for all services.  Cancellation fee will apply.
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